Modern Southern Lady

Photo cred: JRothrock
Photo cred: JRothrock via Salt n’ Pepa “Push It”

The United States has 3.8 million square miles of landmass and has a vast topography with different regions, climates and cultures. As our population grows and blends we find that the lines of differences between cultures is blurred. Some may say that the “Old South” hasn’t changed and remains stuck in-time with outdated traditions and lack of cultural growth. I dispute these claims, in fact I could be an example of a Modern Southern lady.

Living in Atlanta, the mecca of the South, can be challenging specifically fast-paced, work centric, racially charged, have-and-have-not’s large populated city. My words are not to meant to imply I don’t love living in Atlanta its just a challenging environment. Atlanta is really part of who I am along with all the other experiences that molded me into the Modern Southern Lady.

So what does the Modern Southern Lady look like? There are many iterations but I’ll break it down specifically speaking from my perspective as to the Top 5 traits:

  1. Traditions 
    She follows several traditions that were passed down from her family most likely her parents. Yep there it is “traditions” you thought I wasn’t going to bring them into the picture…well of course we Southern ladies have a foundation built upon traditions, can’t have one without the other. Things like “family first” or not wearing white after Labor Day, knee-length dresses and covered shoulders in church. Yes we understand that fashion trends are fun and exciting but in the back of our mind our grandmothers, mothers or aunties would “roll-over in their graves” if we when to church in something less appropriate. These are hard-fast rules that we can’t seem to break no matter the situation.
  2. Hard-Working
    Yes many cultures can claim this one, I totally agree however the Modern Southern Lady works very hard to make it rain. We all know the stats that women earn (22%) less than men “income disparity” haunts us all however in the South the gap gets larger. The Modern Southern Lady works to support her own family and might even work two jobs to ensure they cover day-to-day needs. In addition the level of education of the Atlanta woman is much higher than in other regions with Bachelors and Master degrees the norm.
  3. Competitive
    Now this one may surprise you but really its a staple of our composition. We are self-competitive with things such as tasks, goals or New Year’s resolutions however we either were strong athletes or we are raising them, sometimes both. We go to our children games, every one of them, we cheer them on, volunteer as team moms or coaches, and grind them when they don’t perform. You know its true…the SEC and ACC are built on the backbone of Southern women and you never want to cross “momma” or the team she roots for.
  4. Prejudice 
    There it is the “P” word, as you gasp in disbelief that I went there let me clarify first. The Modern Southern Lady is prejudice under the definition as follows: preconceived opinion or feeling. Racism in Atlanta is always teetering, walking a thin-line, ready to swell and consume our city including reverse-racism and inter-race racism. The Modern Southern Lady embraces different races, cultures, opinions and doesn’t view racism as a modern issue. They however are prejudice against laziness. Laziness is the sin of all sins in the eyes of a Modern Southern Lady and will not be tolerated.
  5. Loving
    Last but not least the Modern Southern Lady is loving, open, embracing. She holds deep regard for her family, friends and co-workers. She donates time and money to causes, leads fundraisers, and drives the family to church every Sunday. She has the largest heart for all people and animals, empathy and reverence for the sick and patience for her children. Husbands and sons of a Modern Southern Lady have the highest achievement of other men and daughters are raised to be independently stronger yet firmly compassionate.

To go a little deeper you can never judge by the cover who is a Modern Southern Lady you have to know her, see her exhibit these traits, feel her passionate daily drive.

So #Blogging101 “Who am I and why am I here?” I am a Modern Southern Lady.



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  1. Love your strong organization style, are you holding back your humor, I seem to sense you are holding it back. Go for it! Savannah is on my list to visit, difficult to get to from where I am (a few plane changes) but from what I have seen and read, it looks super memorable. I would love to take my wife and stay in one of those big brick heritage homes. I shovelled snow here again this morning but it is above zero now and melting slowly so I likely didn’t need to have salted my driveway but never like it if people slip. Not an Atlanta or Savannah problem, ice I mean.
    Thanks for following my blog, please share your feedback on what you explore and see there.

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    1. Savannah is wonderful! If you get locked-in for a visit please reach out! I will gladly give you a few local suggestions. Thanks for the great feedback, you might be right that I’m holding back. Its either I’m still not use to “sharing” or that I’m saving it for my books. Either way I agree and accept the challenge. So noted, Thanks


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