Friday Favs – Blogs to Follow 2

Blog Love

Each Friday I plan to post 5 fabulous blogs that I’ve run across and have enjoyed following. This week I’m a little late due to my date night with hubby, so here’s to catching up!

Each of these blogs have a common theme they all closely relate to my own blog (insert shameless plug) and cover things I enjoy myself with this week’s focus on travel, food, or recipes. 

Please go take a look at these Friday Fabs (via Sunday eve) and if you enjoy them too give them some follow love!

@twinbutterfly blog Confessions of a Food Tourist caught my attention with her beautiful photographs about what else but food! She’s posting delish eateries around the globe that might peak your interest especially if you love to travel.

@alexeitravels blog drips with sarcasm served with a side of humor. Just the way I like it but he does travel to some interesting places and takes fun pictures. Enjoy his blog here:

Take a spin @diningwithcelia if your looking for newly spun original takes on recipes she your gal. New posts that focus on healthy and slow cooker ideas that will make your mouth water. The Mediterranean Microwave

@emmaeatsitalian is currently residing in Ireland but previously lived in Italy and France. She knows good food, cafe’, and of course my favorite pasta. Shout out to Emma at

Andrea a native San Franciscan wallflower who has my belly’s attention, yummy recipes for easy chow mein had me at Hello or in this case potstickers.

Ok thats my Friday Fabs…or Sunday Stars….follow my blog to get weekly updates on my highlighted fellow bloggers and enjoy your week!



About janetberridge

Writer and foodie from Atlanta, GA Married to a BBQ Pit Master and have three beautiful daughters. North Carolina raised, lived in Savannah GA for 13 years, currently residing in Atlanta for over 12 years. By day I'm a healthcare sourcing manager, with an MBA in Healthcare Administration, article writer, future fictional book author, and now a blogger. Rib me!
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One Response to Friday Favs – Blogs to Follow 2

  1. Hey!! Thanks a lot for that!!

    It’s awkward because I started reading your “Vices” post this morning, but I was on my way out, so left the rest for later (just creating my own chapters and stuff, y’know), with the intention of reading the rest and “liking” it… but now it looks like I’m just liking it because you gave me a shout out… this is a dilemma. Meh, I’m going to finish reading it and like it anyway.

    Thanks again, I appreciate it!

    Liked by 1 person

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