Karma: What Goes Around

Hindu Karma Symbol
Hindu Karma Symbol

We all know the saying “What goes around, comes back around” and for all you GenXers no JT did not invent that phrase. This is a very old saying and my research reflects no known author.

The very essence of this phrase is the meaning of Karma which in Hindu translates to actions or deeds. In Hinduism karma explains why evils and misfortune is brought upon us, it’s a way of saying that our misfortune is due to our wrong actions in our life before. Now I’m no Hindu expert, so those who are feel free to correct my mistakes, but it seems they are definitely on to something.

We can even prove that in the physical state this occurs so why should we ignore it in the emotional state? We all get the gist of the meaning but lets take a moment to really ponder the science behind the meaning. My buddy Isaac Newton laid out the physical laws of motion and if you’ve ever taken a course in physics then you have heard of his third law of motion “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

The formula looks like this for those really into physics FA = −FB

So the example used to explain the action-reaction law is one of a person walking, their feet and body weight pushes on the sidewalk, then the sidewalk pushes back to support the weight of the person. The science supports the Hindu beliefs which are more metaphysical.

Since we all have a basic understanding of Karma why am I blogging about it?

In the last few days I have seen several examples of action-reaction laws and wonder why we haven’t learned how best to avoid the unwarranted reaction. Maybe we have forgotten how to handle tough situations, maybe we break under pressure, maybe we simply don’t apply one of the golden rules of human society. I’ll let you be the judge.

Case Study 1: Chick-Fil-A

CFA or Chick-Fil-A is a fast food chicken restaurant that originated here in Atlanta, GA. The company is privately held and was founded on Christian family beliefs. CFA has many supporters and also has many non-supporters. Their restaurants are closed on Sundays so employees can attend church, they only play Christian music in the sitting area, and they have in the past supported Biblically based organizations that are also founded on Christianity.

Now before you get all riled up, please know that my children work or have worked for this organization and have been very supportive of their education and work / life learning experience. Thus I am a CFA supporter. Please keep that in mind when responding to my post and read the entire story so you fully know where I stand on all of these instances.

Today I read this article from Yahoo that a man who opposed CFA beliefs and went decided to protest. He video’ed himself expressing his opposition to CFA to the drive-thru window clerk. The video went viral and his company didn’t like the bad press so they fired him. He was then hired by another company who ended up firing him as well once they saw the video.

Now he is struggling financially and has the time needed to reflect on his wrong doings which led him to understand that his previous companies were neither expressing their support or opposition to CFA’s beliefs but instead were worried about his future behavior representing their organization and any backlash potential. Action-Reaction


What about the clerk? That could have been one of my daughters trying to remain civil to someone who was clearly emotional, upset and angrily lashing out at her. The clerk has since stated that she forgave him and that she was sure he doesn’t think it was such a good idea now.

Case Study 2: Arrest Warrant Shooting

Last week while working from home we heard several loud sirens and then I noticed that a helicopter was hovering nearby for quite some time. Typically when this happens it is due to a large wreck on the nearby Interstate. Actually the local police were serving a warrant for arrest to a man who was at the time working. The subject decided to try to flee by way of a stolen car and then charged the police with intent to run them over.

Tragically in the end the man was shot and killed and the investigation continues today. Why would he run? Why would he charge a moving vehicle at police officers? Based on his arrest history this man tried to run from officers and had even charged another vehicle at a local university officer with intent to harm.

The officers serving the warrant called for back-up so the tension was most likely high. When the officers came around the back to secure him, he drove the stolen car in their direction and eventually it got out of hand and he was shot through the car window. Action-Reaction


Case Study 3: Atlanta Falcons-#NoiseGate

Near and dear to my heart are our Atlanta Falcons football team who were found guilty of piping in fake crowd noise into their stadium to disrupt opponents offensive play calling. Now there are many reasons why NOT to do this including it breaks the rules of the NFL which we all know the Commish doesn’t take kindly to rule breakers. Right Belicheck? Oh yeah #DeflateGate is still pending, okay lets get back to #NoiseGate.

After the NFL investigated they found that the Atlanta Falcon’s Director of Marketing was the culprit for piping in extra noise. The NFL announced today that Falcons would be fined $350,000 and a fifth round draft pick in 2016.

So the punishment while not as severe as most fans and media expected it is still a blow to our future team roster and financial pockets of Mr. Blank the team owner. But what about the teams that played in our dome and had losses? They don’t get those potential wins back, we can’t even officially tie the noise to any losses but whats the impact to those teams? Those players who are about to fight for roster spots? Those front office managers and other marketing team members? Action-Reaction


Here is where I will provide my opinion of what went wrong in these case studies. You can choose to agree or disagree, that’s the great part about freedom of speech.

I believe that we should have the right to our opinion and “that for every action there is a equal and opposite reaction”. The issue is that we forget to have reverence for each other before we act on our opinion.


Photo cred: Doctor Joe Reverence

Reverence: honor or respect that is felt or shown; a gesture of respect such as a bow

I am neither supporting or disputing the feelings or opinions of each of our case studies was wrong or right, I’m nearly suggesting that each party forgot how to treat each other with reverence before acting. How does this apply and how could the outcomes have been different? Let’s take a quick walk through so you can see what I’m suggesting.

Case Study 1: CFA could have held reverence for others who might not share the same views and decided not to be so vocal of their religious beliefs. It is of course by law their right but that doesn’t make it right or comfortable for everyone they serve.

In contrast had the gentleman thought about the CFA clerk and held her in reverence would he yell at her and even make that video that has caused him so much financial stress? Freedom of speech is legal but does that make it right to speak to her like that?

Case Study 2: Arrest Warrant Shooting
The subject could have appeared in court the day of his summons and had the opportunity to be represented by an attorney and judged by a group of his peers. But instead he failed to appear so the local police had to re-serve him for arrest. He then tried to flee and charged at the police in a pretty damn fast Maserati. What if he considered holding those police offices with reverence, would he charge at them in that car with intent to harm?

The police aren’t off the hook either. Yes he was a wanted man and yes he had a history of fleeing and charging autos at officers but if those officers held more reverence for him as a human would he be alive now?

Case Study 3: Atlanta Falcons-#NoiseGate
Now that director of marketing never stopped and considered reverence for the owner, management, players, fans or opposing teams. If he had the Roddy White (the other Roddy White) would still be employed and not forced to shut down his twitter account @The_Other_RW

My concern grows for us all that we have forgotten how to treat each other with reverence. We are all humans with feelings, opinion, dreams, family and loved ones. If we can take a moment to remember that before we act or express our opinions then we might just have a chance to stop the Action-Reaction law. Or at least get out in-front of it before the karma gets ahold of us.

Be loving and kind y’all,



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