July 4th BBQ

It’s how we do July 4th in Georgia. Hope you all have an amazing holiday!

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750 West BBQ

750 West BBQ


About janetberridge

Writer and foodie from Atlanta, GA Married to a BBQ Pit Master and have three beautiful daughters. North Carolina raised, lived in Savannah GA for 13 years, currently residing in Atlanta for over 12 years. By day I'm a healthcare sourcing manager, with an MBA in Healthcare Administration, article writer, future fictional book author, and now a blogger. Rib me!
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3 Responses to July 4th BBQ

  1. Sliced brisket and no pulled pork or boiled peanuts? I thought the later were Georgian staples. That thought comes from the time I spent in Blue Ridge, GA. The brisket looks as good as any Texan’s brisket as do the rest of the trimmings.

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  2. OldCountryGirl says:

    Hello. I did nominate you for the Dragon`s Loyalty Award. You can read about it in my last post. Please keep up with your good work. I enjoy reading your blog!


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