Couch 2 10k

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So I’ve decided to complete the Couch to 10k challenge and completed day 3 of week one today. However Life gets in the way and I tend to find excuses for not completing these types of programs so I thought I needed someone to keep me honest…this is where YOU come in to play.
I’ve decided to video blog my experience along the way which could be a lot of laughs, boring, or might have some helpful tips if you’re interested in doing either the C25k or C210k challenge too.
I chose the C210k since I already run 3 or more miles but do it rather poorly. My goal is to improve my endurance and speed for the shorter run by working on the longer run and avoid any injuries.
I’ll keep the videos short, 3 mins or under, and post at least once a week. Since I’m also working on run training with my dog SoBe there will be tips for running with your fur baby too.
If you want to join me in the challenge, there is an app you can download that is pretty cool for either the 5k or 10k. It has a workout each day/week and tells you when to walk or run and links to your music so you can enjoy it during the workout. If you are interested you can go to your phone app store and download it for iPhone or Android or click the link here for iPhones….(C25k iPhone) or (C210k iPhone)

Hope you enjoy, have a laugh or get inspired but please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be glad to include in the next video blog.

JB & SoBe

Video Blog 1 Link


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