Rules for a Football Widow


As the summer comes to a close and cooler weather creeps in, football season begins. Now I’m a fan, a big fan of fall weather, changing leaves, apple cider, and of course a fan of football. However being married to a man who played college football and who likes to attend several games every season, thus leaving me alone for a few weekends, I’ve become a true #FootballWidow.

My husband and I spend a lot of time together but we also believe in time with our girlfriends or guys. It’s healthy to be apart some and good to enjoy your friendships. We attend football games together even went to the UGAvsUNC game to kick off the season but there are weekends where it’s a guy thing and I’m ok with that.

Over the years I’ve found ways to fill in the free time and even though I miss my man, these widow weekends have become quite enjoyable. This weekend was the kick-off of #FootballWidow for me, hubby’s pilgrimage to Indiana to attend the Michigan State vs Notre Dame game occurs every year when it’s on the schedule. So as it’s fresh on my mind, here’s my top rules to follow for coping with the loss of your man or partner during football season:

Rule#1 – Always drink something wonderful!

So he leaves you on a Friday afternoon and your evening is free…sip something bold, beautiful and just enjoy a little quiet time. If you’re any bit like me, you rarely take time for yourself to just center, refresh and refocus. Take the moment and reflect with a nice spirt of your choice. This Friday I choose something new out of our wine refrigerator, it was light, sweet with notes of berries and just down out perfect to end a long hot week in Georgia. Cheers! Continue reading

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Quote for the Day

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln

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Birthday Repost: Prince’s Last Concert


In Honor of Prince’s birthday a tribute repost of my personal experience attending his last concert. Hope you can feel the rush that we felt that night. #RIPPrince

Price Last Concert


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What I’ve Learned About Making Homemade Ravioli

RavioliMy grandmother was a first generation American Italian and between her and my mother I easily learned how to make “sauce” our families version of Bolognese. I picked up the recipe really quickly even though it’s never been written down and most likely never will.

Neither my grandmother nor my mother make homemade ravioli, so I had to learn without any help from the experts. I’ve learned a few things along the way and hope my insights can help others make these little pockets of heaven.

  1. Keep it simple: The best ravioli recipe has 4 ingredients; flour, egg, salt and extra virgin olive oil. I use two cups of flour (yes it has gluten and I don’t care!), 1 egg, a teaspoon of salt and drizzle of evoo. I use my Kitchenmaid mixer to blend the ingredients starting with the flour then egg, salt followed by adding the evoo a little at a time until the dough forms into a ball. Take the dough out and knead it a few times to make the ball soft and even then place it right back in the mixer bowl, cover with plastic wrap and let it rest at room temp. To really make the dough easy to work with I suggest you let it rest at least 20 mins at room temp then put it in the refrigerator overnight. Yep just walk away with a glass of red, watch some trash TV (Real Housewives of Atlanta is my favorite #RHOA) then head to bed just like the dough.
  1. Bigger isn’t better: The settings on the Kitchenaid pasta attachment has levels up to #8, I suggest running your dough through twice on each setting beginning with level 1 and at the most level 5. Never EVER go past level 5. Who the heck can work with past so thin that you can see through it? Houdini, David Copperfield, that guy on FaceBook that can read your mind?  #smh. For ravioli level 5 is the biggest number you need especially for meat fillings which need the support of the pasta to hold firm and secure. Run each section through the attachment until desired thickness and then lay it on your ravioli  maker with press.IMG_0420

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Prince Last Concert: My Personal Experience

IMG_1867The realization that we weren’t going to be able to attend Prince’s Piano & A Microphone Atlanta concert hit me like a heartbreak. “We’re coming back to town that day.” My husband reminding me that we would be out of town for spring break, and attending the concert that I’ve dreamt about, was just not an option.

On Monday April 11th I heard that Prince had to reschedule the concert due to illness and that tickets were still available. Excitement poured over me as if God had just winked and nodded at me to say “I’ve gotcha covered”.

I’ve been a fan since Prince’s album 1999, which was released in 1982 and I was just 12 years old. Vinyl records and music videos were the center of my teenaged years. I remember MTV launching and staying up to watch it “blast off” at midnight. The next day a group of us went to my friend Chris White’s house and sat around all day with our eyes glued to his TV watching music videos.  From the 1999 album 1999, Little Red Corvette and Delirious were all top hits and I loved them all. When I first saw his music video and Prince walk out under red lights, in his shinny purple suit, hand in his pocket and began to sing Little Red Corvette, I knew he was a star.

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Open Letter: Current and Future Presidential Candidates

electionjpgDear Current and Future United States Presidential Candidates:

I am writing this open letter in an effort to encourage those of you who are either currently running, or have future plans to run, or haven’t even thought about running but may one day do so, to remember to focus on the issues that matter or should matter to the Commander in Chief of our great country and “We the people”.

I am not writing this open letter anonymously nor am I writing on behalf of anyone other than myself. These are my opinions and my needs as a voter. This might actually encourage a few social media zingers or even a few friends to question our friendship, however I feel today warrants action, my action and my opinion on what I truly need in a leader for our country.

Today, March 1, 2016, I headed to my neighborhood voting polling location to ensure that my vote counted and was recorded. I am a registered voter, knew where my polling location was located, had my state issued identification, and even knew how to vote on the electronic ballot. What I did not know was WHO I was going to vote for to ensure that the candidate was on the final ballot in November. I’ve heard several other voters say the same thing, this election is important to our country, it’s future, and the future of each and every one of us and our children however the question still remains; why didn’t I know which candidate I preferred?

The issue for me and maybe other voters is that our current options for candidates are bleak. It’s not that as a group you are uneducated or even unqualified, I find that the group has forgotten the real issues and how to communicate your action plan on those forgotten topics. This open letter isn’t directed towards one party or another, really it’s for all of you so listen up. I’ve heard a lot of noise between both parties attacking each other and their misguided values but really is that the issue? Haven’t we all made mistakes? Said the wrong thing under pressure? Gotten frustrated and yelled?
Yes, we all have made mistakes and some of us have learned from them and grown into better friends, family members, employees, co-workers or even leaders.

Here’s what I need from YOU in order to cast my vote:

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Winter Time Blues? How to Spring Forward to Spring Break


Let’s face it we’re all buried with snow, cold, nasty rainy weather unless you happen to live in Southern California or Australia. We all get the winter time blues and begin to count down the days until spring break. There are ways you can spring forward even without a time machine…no really. Here are my favorite ways to kick the winter blues to the curb and fake an early spring.

Iced Tea

Paradise Tropical Tea

Paradise Tropical Tea

So we southerners love our iced tea and it reminds me of warm sunny days where you can’t wait to quench your dry throat. I decided to make my favorite sweet tea yesterday and the whole family dug in. We’ve already gone through two pitchers and I had to order more. I use a sugar alternative so we don’t increase our sugar intake but the tea tastes wonderful all by itself too!

Paradise Tropical Tea is decaf lightly flavored tea leaves that gives you such a refreshing taste. Unfortunately this tea was purchased by J.M Smucker Company and they’re in transition for the brand so it’s really hard to find the tea bags. They also discontinued my favorite pitcher size bag so I had to go with a larger one instead. Regardless I was able to find it so I’m happy again and things are taking like spring. 

Nails & Pedi

Bright Colors

Bright Colors

Yes I love all those dark winter polish colors but it’s over we need spring so lets get to polishing up with some light, bright, bold colors. I actually choose the lightest option a opaque white to really brighten things up. Match up your toes to give you an all over spring feeling.
Guys I highly recommend that you go get pampered with a full mani/pedi and get both your nails and toes buffed for high shine. No polish needed to get that spring glow.

Pale nails for spring

The finished product

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