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My Adoption Story: Finale

If you’ve been following along with my personal story of being an adoptee let me begin by saying THANKS! It’s a major part of who I am and the road I’ve traveled and I really appreciate all the love, support … Continue reading

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My Adoption Story: Part 3

Yes its been quite a story and now we’re at part 3 of my adoption story. You can get caught up by reading Part 1 or Part 2 here….otherwise here we go: I was settled in with my new high … Continue reading

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My Adoption Story: Part 2

And so continuing my personal story of being an adopted, if you missed Part 1 you can read it here, otherwise we left off with my adopted parents telling me that my birthmother reached out and wanted to have some sort … Continue reading

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My Adoption Story: Part 1

So I’ve been asked my adoption story countless times and after years of questions, suggestions from friends and family that the story should be told, a little time of the holidays, and just plain desire to pass along some inspiration … Continue reading

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Top 10 List: What I’ve Learned Over 45 Years

In honor of my birth month I’ve thought about all the things I’ve learned over the last 45 years. I suspect that most are probably pretty relatable to other mothers around my age so here ya go…let me know which … Continue reading

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Blues & BBQ 

 We often sit on our patio and enjoy some tunes while my pit master hubby smokes up some good eats. Today was no different, my fav Blues playlist, pork shoulder pulled and placed on a fresh Holeman & Finch roll … Continue reading

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