And So It Begins…

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Like many women I read a few chapters a day of a good fictional book. Typically its one book a month or maybe two in the summer months when things are less hectic. My tried and true genre seem to be mystery but with a romance thrown in. Sometimes I branch to young adult sci-fi or pure romance but they are easy reads and keep my mind off of the daily stresses of being a wife, employee, mother, sister, friend etc. We need those moments where we can mind dump it all and just take a breath.

I’ve had it in my head for several years, a novel; the story, the colorful characters, a plot, even a full series of novels. A few months ago I began writing and as the word count increased I also began researching publishing. Started with just Googling book publishing, then literary agents, other authors feedback and suggestions on how best to publish, the writers format, the infamous query letter, the typical word count, industry associations; too many searches to count. I would come across a good article and bookmark it to my folder so I can reference it later.

By nature I’m a research kinda girl, I’ve been working in the healthcare industry for over 15 years as a contract manager supporting a large health system’s strategic sourcing division. I spend numerous hours analyzing the supplier market and completing financial overviews to present to our key stakeholders. But researching all the details on publishing has blown my mind. Part of my research reflects suggestions from literary agents who recommend that writers have a blog so they can understand their talent, thoughts, and just get a feel for who they are as a writer. So now I’m a full-time mother, contract manager, writer, and blogger.

When deciding on what to blog about I considered healthcare as I’m a subject matter expert for things like supplies, implants, and especially medical equipment. However my contracts, strategies, and methodologies are confidential so after more thought I decided to blog about the process and my personal steps it takes to get published.

My novel and series takes place in Savannah Georgia which is where I lived for more than 13 years. Its a wonderful southern city with a deeply rooted historical presence and my love of the city will be reflected in the Spanish Moss Series. Hence the name of the blog.

I truly hope you enjoy this journey with me, I expect to learn and grow and will always take constructive feedback.



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